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In searching for your next boat or yacht, the biggest asset you can have on your side is your own buyer’s broker. As a buyer, shopping for boats without your own broker is literally like flying blind.

When it comes to pricing, all you can see is “what other people are asking” for their similar boats. In working for you, we can form a strategy for negotiations and supply you with much needed pricing and market data that comes from ACTUAL SOLD comps. This ensures that you will not overpay for a boat and that you know exactly what the market value is of what you are buying.

In the case where you have a general idea of what you are looking for but need some help and guidance, we can also impart our years of experience on build quality, mechanicals, etc. of various makes and models. We have participated in the buying and selling of just about every make and model under the sun and are happy to help provide suggestions along the way.

When it comes time to start making calls, as a private buyer calling a broker you may face a sales pitch or some fluffed up version of the truth. When you have a broker call on your behalf, we can beat through the BS and get a much more realistic and transparent evaluation of the boat and the seller’s intentions. When one broker receives a call from another broker, there is a sense of professional courtesy that is conveyed as well as you, the buyer, appearing more serious and qualified about making a purchase.

Most importantly, purchasing a boat or yacht is supposed to be a FUN process! Working with a broker can help keep the process fun by avoiding the pitfalls sometimes associated with this major purchase.

We want to work with you, please give us a call to discuss your boat search!

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