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SELL A YACHTMatt Begovich, the founder and owner of Global One Yacht Sales has 45 years of experience in the boating world. With his first boat coming at the age of 5 and having sold over 1,000 boats in his lifetime, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge on all types of boats and market tendencies. His years of knowledge and experience helps define the culture of the company and sets Global One apart from the competition.

As a company, you will not find a more aggressive brokerage firm anywhere in the industry. Besides our experience, the recipe for selling your boat fast is the combination of proper pricing and a professionally built listing. We provide an in-depth market analysis to all of our selling clients by using a combination of valuation tools including actual SOLD comps. In building our listings, we use a DSLR camera with various lenses including a wide angle lens to get hi-def shots in tight spaces.

A common mistake many sellers make is taking their boat back to the dealership they bought it from. The seller might think their dealer knows the boat inside and out and that will help it sell easier. The fact is, a retail dealer many times will use YOUR used boat to sell THEIR new boats! For example, the late model Sea Ray pictured above being brokered by the Sea Ray dealer represents 2-3x less commission to the salesperson than a new stock boat. Now where do you think his focus will be when a buyer walks in looking for one like yours?

Global One Yacht Sales is an independent brokerage that focuses strictly on selling your used boat. The professional representation of our inventory, work ethic, and state of the art marketing, make Global One Yacht Sales your FIRST choice in Mid-Atlantic yacht brokerage.

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